Business Policy


           When you put a deposit down on a litter, you are getting a pick number, a "place in line", so to speak. This means that the people before you have an earlier number and get their picks before you. Preferences of each buyer are listed, but are not guaranteed, as we can't control exactly what the mix will be for sex, coat color, or bench much less whether a projected breeding will take. However, in practice, most breedings take and nearly everyone gets their pick. We pretty much know what is going to pop out.
           So while your deposit and pick fees are not refundable, they are transferable to any litter on the ground or to another litter. When the litter is dropped, you will be called within the week to confirm your continued interest. The balance of your payments are due at that time, unless you have made time pay arrangements. You will know what the people before you have picked and exactly what is available when your number comes up.

           ABPL is selling AKC Limited Registration only. This means that for any progeny of this dog to be registered by the AKC, the buyer must first contact ABPL and upgrade the breeding rights to AKC Full Registration. This will only be done in a few cases on a very limited basis.

           We accept payment in cash, bank draft, cashiers check, money order, etc. When we have received in collected funds at least half of the cost of the dog we will ship. When we receive the balance, we will forward the registration papers.
           We ship on air flights scheduled to your convenience, preferably direct non-stop flights to minimize time on the 'tarmac' for the dog. Counter-to-counter delivery is even better. The cost of the flight, medical papers, and shipping kennel are the buyers responsibility. We ship pre-paid or COD.

           We don't accept MC and Visa yet, but if you're like us, there never seems to be enuf cash to cover all the projects that are ready to go and credit is as scarce as hen's teeth. We want everyone to be able to have an ABPL dog. So we've got a time pay plan that has worked out well for a lot o people so far.
           We collect the shipping costs and half the cost of the dog as a down payment. When the cash, check, money order, etc., clears, we ship the dog. You have the dog.
           At the same time you send us the down payment, you send us postdated checks for the balance. You pick the size, number, and schedule for the payments. When the last one clears, we mail you the AKC blue slip. Anytime you've got a problem with cash flow, give us a buzz and we'll hold the checks for you until they'll clear. If you need to re-negotiate, no problem. Just give us a buzz.

           We offer two discounts for prepayment on reservation dogs only. You can take advantage of a 10% discount by paying in full before the puppy is whelped. A 20% discount is offered for full payment at time of reservation, if no litters are on the ground. In both cases, if a litter is empty, refunds of payments beyond deposit and pick fees will be made on a funds available basis if you do not wish to transfer to another litter. Your deposit and pick fees are transferable, of course.
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